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Pregnancy after first delivery means a minimum period of time between the second baby is so many years. Married couple needs to read ..

Women are often skeptical of the length of time between two children. Often the first day after the birth of the first child, people in the household start talking about the second child, but often the parents do not even think about it for years. Im sure if you want another child, it is the parents' decision as a whole. But in many cases women get pregnant for the second time without even knowing.

The big question is, how long is the age gap between the two children? When can a woman who has just given birth to a baby be re-fit for another pregnancy? How much distance should there be between the two children, depending on the attention of their children, their nutrition and their body? If you have this kind of question in your mind then let us tell you about the answer to each of these questions today.

Women who give birth to their first child at age 6 do not have the freedom to maintain a good age gap between their 3 children, as their increasing age can create problems associated with fertility. In such a case, a woman should not think about another child at all unless she is fully awake from one pregnancy and delivery. Unless special mangoes are lacking in iron or hemoglobin in your body.

Many studies have proven that if a woman becomes pregnant for a second time within 6 months of first delivery, then the risk of premature delivery increases as the baby is underweight.

It is very important to have a gap between 3 to 6 months ie between one and a half to six years. This is because after pregnancy and delivery it takes so long to recover a woman's body and recover her energy.

Not only that, it is also important to keep the distance between the children so that you can give both children the full attention and time of the children. If the age gap between the two children is greater then you will be able to pay close attention to them in the early years of both the children as well as better manage the expenditure on the children.

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