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The girl called the lover because she was alone, but after coming home, she stopped doing this hight.

In Mumbai, a girl jumped from the flat due to fear of being caught with her lover, causing the girl to be badly injured and undergoing treatment at the hospital. The incident happened on Friday, which is in the suburban Bell Market area. According to police, the girl's parents have also registered a case against her girl's lover and arrested the lover after the case.

So let's know what the whole incident is ..

What an event to meet

On Friday afternoon, a teenager was alone at home in Kurla, Mumbai. Seeing himself alone at home, he called his lover home. In fact, this girl was out of work and this girl felt that she would not come back soon, it would take a while. Taking advantage of this opportunity, he asked his lover to come home. And shortly after the lover came home, the girl's mother also came home.

When she found out about this girl in the house, she was very scared. The girl told her lover to go out of the house and advised her to jump out of the flat. The girl was with the lover in her bedroom and the girl jumped out of her window to escape. According to police, the girl is only 3 years of age and the girl has suffered many injuries due to jumping.

The girl's house was on the first floor and jumping from the window broke the bones of the girl's left leg. And the girl was taken to the hospital due to injury and when the housemates asked the girl the reason for the injury, the girl told the whole story and said that she was very scared due to coming home and she had lost her lover. Was asked to jump from the window of the room and jumped out of the window himself.

The girl has registered a case with the police against her lover Sunil Zende. The boy is 4 years old and a case has been registered against him at VB Nagar police station. According to the police authority, a complaint has been registered against Sunil Zende against Bhandas and Bal Yun crime protection law. Sunil has been arrested by the police.

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