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The way of obtaining the Talati in the Panchayat cadre will be done soon.

Following the movement of the Talatis, the way of obtaining the Talati in the Panchayat cadre will be done soon.

The government will be mixed in the Panchayat cadre in the panchayat cadrators soon by the Government of Gujarat

State Revenue Minister Kaushik Patel said on Gandhinagar on Wednesday, two years ago, Revenue Talati was decided to mix with the vitality of panchayat, its execution drill will be quickly started.

Important, that, recently, various questions were discovered in the opposite of the online presence method, and the allegation of the operation was not alleged in the state of the online presence. The state Tality Mandal said that the state has 3500 Revenue TalatisPanchayat cad will get away from the trouble, the work will be faster. In 18 thousand villages, Gujarat has been given forced, 1100 to 8 years, the 25% more spaces of the can have to duty them, more than one place, which will be resolved in the villagers, more than the people of the other people, the government will express as soon as possible the government has expressed the decision of the government. The state government has taken the issue of the galactum's movement and the instructions of the pending Court Mater have been given to the positive solution. The statement of the state cabinet has been given. On the Wednesday, the instructions have been given to the post.

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