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Binsachivalay exam time news report

Candidates will not get entry to the Examination Centers after 5pm. If the new fatwa in non-secretarial clerk exam is delayed 5 minutes, then no in the center of examination. There was a controversy over academic qualification in the recruitment of Ant Clark, after the protest the government was leaning in. It is worth mentioning that the Gandhinagar 1 candidates were admitted to Ahmedabad after seeing the hall ticket. Applicants have been requested to qualify for the distribution of 2 Examination Centers Paper for candidates of Std-2 in the recruitment of Clark by paying Rs 1 lakh and at noon. The class was – 1. However, after 9 pm, the decision to cancel the post-qualification examination was taken on Wednesday for the recruitment candidate, who is coming too late in Gujarat, so that the collector system at the university and strict admission was not in dispute. The candidates, however, were called administrative staff of the education officer. The protests with such fury were from the fatwas for the pre-preparation of the supervisors, so that the state government got a seat. In which, if there was an adverse impact on Sunday, it would not be surprising again at 8am in all the centers of eligibility. It was decided to take the exam on the basis.

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