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17:26 is the same as 2: 1. 0. 2KB / s ill 4G IFE All 4G LTE (54) ગઈ India gone. The Chinese army continued to infiltrate our territory, and we continued to oppose it. He said that this is why Aksai China is fully China-owned. Jawan Demchok of the People's Liberation Army has reached the sector. Looking at it, it can be said that Ladakh has not been given the slightest importance in the protection scheme. "Once the cities have access to roads, communication, school and hospital facilities, our border will be protected," MP Namgyal said. The Narendra Modi government will make all these things available. He said that whenever the situation in Kashmir worsened, the Congress always handled the situation by announcing a special package to Ladakh. This left the stone-makers happy and the
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secessionist leaders safeguarded. Namgall said that Congress ruled for 55 years but never dared to take such a big step. Now those people call this BJP move madness. We don't care what they do



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